Borrow from the Radboud University

Borrow and consult physical collection at the RU library  

As a HAN borrower with UB account you have access to the physical collection of the library of Radboud University. This means the borrowing of lendable material and viewing of non-loanable works.

Digital content (e-books, e- journals and  databases) is unfortunately not   accessible with a HAN account.  

HAN students and employees can submit a request to activate their HAN Card   via the e-mail address In doing so, they must provide the following information:  

  • Name and initials  

  • HANCard number  

  • HAN email address (mandatory HAN address! and not Gmail, Hotmail etc., requests without HAN email will not be accepted)  

If  the  request is accepted you will receive an email with the subject Manage your library password. Use the link in this mail to set a password and complete the activation of your new account.  

The activation of  your account is always valid for 1 year academic year (always until the 1st of  September). At the beginning of the new academic year it will be extended. Without a request for extension by the borrower, the account will be removed from the system after the expiration date (AVG). If you are late with the renewal,  you can simply sign up again and a new account will be created for you.

Have you completed the activation? You`re now able to search and request books via RUquest:

After entering a search term, choose "non-Radboud University user > continue as guest"

Find the desired book (print! not digital!) and click on this title.  

To request the book choose " Request  item".

Choose "Log in with your personal email address (external users)”

And log in with your email address and chosen password