Collecting personal data

What should you pay attention to when collecting personal data?

  • Only collect the personal data you really need for your research (for example), and be sure you know what you need them for.
  • In the case of research, ask the person involved to give permission for the processing of their data and, when doing so, explain how you want to use the data. You should keep declarations of consent.
  • In the case of data for administrative purposes, it is not usually necessary to ask for consent. You can read more about this here.
  • In the case of a digital survey, you do not first need to ask for consent separately; this can be done as part of the survey (“By completing this survey, you are consenting to ....”).
  • If you are collecting data on minors (aged under 18), you also need the consent of at least one parent. In the case of digital research, you need to obtain this consent beforehand, and you should also should keep this declaration of consent.
  • Are you bringing in a third party to collect data? Then it is necessary to have a processor agreement between HAN and the third party. If there is no such agreement, you may not use the third party’s services. With the exception of, HAN has not concluded any agreements with parties that offer free survey software (or free versions of software)!
  • Do you want to collect data from HAN on staff or students, for example? You can have this assessed; find out more at Insite ICT (information in Dutch).