0. terms and definitions

  • Audio-visual resources: DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, etc.
  • HANCard: card for students and staff    
  • Data-carrier: book, thesis, information folder, sheet music, educational games , audio-visual resources   
  • iXperium materials: materials from one of the Study Centres that have been made available by iXperium  
  • Staff: lecturer or member of the educational support staff at HAN University of Applied Sciences  
  • Student: a person enrolled as a student at HAN University of Applied Sciences, as referred to in articles 7.32 to 7.34 of the Higher Education and Research Act. Memberships for loans from HAN Study Centres are extended each academic year for the period of one year for every student. No rights can be derived from these renewals regarding the enrolment of your study course. Upon termination of your study course, your studentmembership at HAN Study Centres ends at the date of deregistration.

1. Applicability

These lending regulations apply to all Study Centres at HAN University of Applied Sciences, with the exception of iXperium materials. The lending regulations for iXperium materials that can be borrowed from the Study Centre Educatie Nijmegen are listed in this appendix.

2. Lending regulations

2.1 Borrowers   

HAN students and staff can borrow materials free of charge from the Study Centres, upon presentation of their HANCard. Students and staff from Radboud University Nijmegen can also borrow materials free of charge after registration (see appendix).  

2.2 Borrowing   

The following rules apply to borrowing materials:   

Lending period   

There is a standard lending period of four weeks. Most audio-visual resources and educational games form an exception to this; the lending period for these is 1 week. For a number of data-carriers, further specified in the Study Centres, there is a limited lending period of 1 day, or lending is not permitted. It is possible to request, borrow, reserve or renew materials at all HAN Study Centres.   

Maximum number of loans   

A student may have a maximum of 10 data-carriers in their possession. Lecturers may have 25 data-carriers in their possession. The borrowed materials should be handed in at the same location where the materials were borrowed. Materials from another campus location (campus Arnhem or campus Nijmegen) may be handed in at any Study Centre location on the other campus.  

2.3 Renewals   

The lending period of a borrowed data-carrier can be extended, unless it has been reserved by another borrower. A data-carrier can be renewed a maximum of 10 times. After this, the borrower should present the material to the desk. They can borrow it again straight after if they wish to .  

2.4 Reserving materials  

Materials that have been lent out to other borrowers can be reserved free of charge. A borrower may reserve a maximum of 10 titles at any time.   

The borrower receives an email message when the reserved data-carrier is available. The reserved data-carrier will be kept available for the borrower for 1 week after the email is sent.  

2.5 Exceeding the lending period   

If a borrower exceeds the lending period, they will be fined (see appendix).   

Two days before the expiry of the lending period, the borrower receives an email warning them that the lending period has almost expired. After the lending period has expired, the borrower is notified of this in a reminder email.   

After 30 days, a bill for the replacement of the borrowed material is sent via PostNL, plus the fine and administration fee. If the borrowed materials are returned at this point, the replacement costs are cancelled. If the invoice is not paid within the given period, a debt collection agency will be tasked with collecting the amount. The borrower is responsible for paying the collection fee.  

The borrower will be able to borrow again once the invoice has been paid, or once the book has been handed in and the fine and administration fee are paid.  

2.6 Liability and compensation   

The borrower is liable for materials that are borrowed on their card. In the case of loss or damage, the borrower is liable for the costs of replacement. This amount will be determined by the cost price of the data-carrier plus a €15 administration fee.  

2.7 Email messages  

All reminder emails are an extra service provided by the HAN Study Centres. No rights can be derived from them. The individual borrower is responsible for the borrowed material on their card.   

3. Inter-library loans

3.1 Inter-library loans within HAN  

Borrowers can request materials from a Study Centre in a different campus location (Arnhem or Nijmegen). Materials available on the same campus, cannot be requested and should be collected and returned at the location in question. As soon as the data-carrier is available, the requester is notified of this by email.  

3.2 Inter-library loans outside HAN  

HAN Study Centres do not have all types of data-carriers in their collections. If the data-carrier is in the collection of another library (national or international), you can borrow it by submitting a special request. Copies can be requested of articles that are not in the collection. This service is subject to fees; see the appendix.  

4. Privacy

The borrower’s data are always processed in accordance with the privacy regulations of HAN University of Applied Sciences.  

5. Final provisions

These lending regulations came into force on  20-6-2019 .