ClaroRead can be used if you have difficulties with reading and writing, for example because of dyslexia. The program can read text from any program.
More information can be found here.


ReadSpeaker allows texts on websites to be read out loud to you. It provides assistance if you have trouble reading text online. By having the text read out loud to you, you can understand the information on the website more easily. This makes the content more accessible and the website more pleasant to visit. As a user you don’t have to download anything.

Listen to the main content

Simply click the Listen button to listen to the webpage’s content:

An audio player appears (see image below) and ReadSpeaker starts reading the text of the webpage out loud.

In the player you can:
• Pause/restart the reading
• Stop the reading
• Use the progress bar to navigate in the audio
• Adjust the volume
• Click the settings icon to adjust the reading function
• Click the download icon to download the audio file
• Close the player
You can use tab/shift+tab to navigate inside the player and press enter to activate a certain button or link.

Listen to selected text

You can select a part of the text that you want to listen to and then press the pop-up Listen button that appears next to the mouse pointer. When you click the pop-up Listen button, an audio player appears (see the image below) and ReadSpeaker starts reading the text you have selected.


In the settings menu, you can:
• Choose whether you want to have the text highlighted while read
• Choose whether you want the text highlighted on a word and sentence basis, sentence only, or word only
• Choose style and colors for the highlighting
• Choose whether you want the text to be shown enlarged in a separate screen at the bottom of the page, with simultaneous text highlighting
• Choose whether you want the reading speed to be slow, medium, or fast
• Choose whether you want the page to scroll automatically to follow the highlighted text
• Choose whether you want the pop-up Listen button to be shown when text is selected
• Reset all settings to the initial settings
To listen to the Settings click on the Listen button in the settings menu on the top right corner of the screen.

For more information about online text conversion to speech visit the ReadSpeaker website.