Dyslexia: Kurzweil

Kurzweil is a software program which was originally intended for dyslexic students. It can read all types of text out loud and can also be used to read texts while you type. The program vocalizes the letters, words or full sentences that you type so that you can hear the spelling as well as the sentence constructions. Additionally, Kurzweil offers various other features, such as providing an overview or structuring your text.
The program is available for all students and employees with a valid HAN account. They can also use Kurzweil at home.

How can I request access to Kurzweil and use it?

Students and employees who wish to use Kurzweil, can request access at the HAN ServiceDesk. The ServiceDesk will make the software available in HAN Workspace. Workspace offers you access to your virtual personal place to work. When the ServiceDesk activates Kurzweil, you can use this through HAN Workspace. When you start Kurzweil in HAN Workspace, a login screen will appear. Choose a username and log in.
Insite Han contains a manual on how to install HAN Workspace on your computer or notebook.  

Where can I find assistance for using Kurzweil? Are there any instruction lessons available?

Kurzweil offers a convenient help application. When you press F1, the help option will appear. The website https://www.kurzweiledu.com/default.html also provides a lot of information on Kurzweil. Any further questions can be directed to servicedesk@han.nl.

Source: HAN Studiesuccess