European Lean Educator Conference 2017

About The European Lean Educator Conference

The European Lean Educator Conference provides a platform for lean specialists: consultants, facilitators, lean managers, educators and researchers at (applied) universities. At the conference, attendees exchange ideas, knowledge and experience on the transfer of knowledge and abilities in the field of lean.

For many years, the Lean Educator Conference has been held in the USA. The first European Lean Educator Conference took place in Stuttgart, September 2015. The conference was organized by the CETPM group of professor Constantin May. The second and third European Lean Educator Conferences were organized in Sweden and England with the number of attendees increasing from 100 to over 140. All three conferences were exceptionally good, allowing delegates to hear highly relevant keynotes, offering the opportunity to present best practices and papers, to participate in workshops, and generally to network and share experiences in teaching, educating, communicating and learning Lean.

Previous conferences
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Lean as a broad operations philosophy

All three conferences distinguished Lean as a broad operations improvement philosophy supported by a growing set of methods and tools. These methods not only include the Toyota production system, but also philosophies such as agile manufacturing/management, lean-six sigma and quick response manufacturing. Lean is increasingly used in various areas, such as manufacturing, product development, supply chain management, health care and services. There are many cross-over learning opportunities between the various fields. ELEC supports this.

Theme: Leaning Lean / Lean Learning
The theme of this year's conference is Learning Lean / Lean Learning, based on the perspective that the main focus of the lean specialist/educator should be on the learning process of her/his employees, teams or organization. The learning process has to be efficient and effective, leading to desired results. As can be seen in the programme, all keynote presentations and parallel presentations are devoted to the theme of the conference.