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International Week 2020

The 8th International Week: 4 to 6 February 2020

Our 8th International Week will be held from4 - 6February 2020 at the HAN campus in Nijmegen. The aim of the International Week is sharing experiences, practices and knowledge between students and lecturers in the international context of Health and Social Work. This year’s general theme is Challenge your borders. Health and Social Work in international perspective.

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We are proud to present our opening speaker: Sander de Kramer.

De Kramer has been chief editor of the Rotterdam street paper since 1994. He also introduced this concept of a street paper sold by homeless people to many other cities in the Netherlands. In 2003, he coached the Dutch homeless team, which won bronze at the Homeless Football World Cup in Graz, Austria. Together with Hugo Borst he founded the Sunday Foundation in 2007, dedicated to underprivileged children in Sierra Leone. De Kramer had initially visited the West African country to write about the devastating consequences of the civil war. He was deeply touched by the many orphans who survived by working in the diamond mines. Back in the Netherlands, De Kramer started a large-scale campaign to expose the rampant abuse in Sierra Leone. Shortly after, he singlehandedly moved the children out of the diamond mines and into schools he organized to be built for them. In Sierra Leone he was granted the title of Chief, in appreciation of his work there.

Sander de Kramer is praised for his innovative approach to charity. An example of this was sending a small airplane loaded with football shoes to a leprosy-ravaged area of Madagascar to fulfil a great wish of the local community. The Rotterdam-born journalist has spent many years travelling the world for KRO television to draw attention to charity projects.

Participants of the International Week are for second year HAN student:
o Educational Theory
o Social Work
o Arts therapies and Psychomotricity
o Applied Psychology
o Nursing
o Allied Medical Care
o Occupational Therapy
o Physiotherapy
o Speech and Language Therapy