International Week FHS

Do you want to challenge yourself and others? Are you curious what to expect after college? Then come to the International Week!

Guest lecturers from home and abroad will present plenary lectures, interviews and workshops to introduce the professional identity in the field of  health and social work.

2019 information

Take part in inspiring interactive lectures, discuss and express your opinions and views from your own field of experience. Furthermore, discover best practices from abroad .. and more, much more!

The International Week will be held 5-6-7 February 2019 at HAN University of Applied Sciences, Kapitelweg 33  in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. 

Participation in the International Week is (mostly) obligatory. You will receive a certificate of participation. The official language during the International Week is English. More information will follow through your course department.

You can participate if  you are a second year HAN student at:
Institute of Social and Educational Work
o Educational Theory
o Social Educational Care

Institute of Social and Sociocultural Work
o Cultural Social Development
o Social Work and Social Services

Institute of Arts Therapies and Applied Psychology
o Arts therapy
o Applied Psychology

• Institute of Nursing Studies
o Nursing
o Allied Medical Care

Institute Health Studies
o Occupational Therapie
o Physiotherapy
o Speech and Language Therapy
o Nutrition and Dietetics
o Dental Hygiëne